Butt Workouts

Butt Workouts - Top 5 Exercises For a Firm, Toned Butt

Every lady I have ever trained, or consulted with, or even talked to once they find out I'm a personal trainer has told me they want a better butt.
They want to know how can they get a nicer butt. They want to get rid of the cellulite and dimples. They want a rounder butt. They want a higher butt, etc.
There has never been an exception with any lady I have ever dealt with in my training business. It's just like guys wanting to get rid of their gut.
I'm willing to bet that you're no different than any lady I have ever trained. You want a better butt.
You may have tried those little "sculpting" routines you've seen in the popular magazines, and they didn't quite work out. Those routines were developed by someone who has never had to actually train a woman in the real world, by the way.
So here's what I have every lady in my training business do when they tell me they want a better butt. These …

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