Build Chest Muscle Fast

Build Chest Muscle Fast - Simple Tips For Building a Strong, Muscular Chest

Build Chest Muscle

Everyone and I do mean everyone wants to build chest muscle fast, but too often, you see new lifters going about it the wrong way. High volume reps of cable crossovers and flyes might get you there eventually. But in this guide I will show you the proper way. To be honest it isn't all that complicated. There are two movements you can use to build chest muscle: The press and the flye. Although flyes have their place and time in any regiment, pressing movement are the best way to truly build a great chest. They are absolutely the bread and butter.

When building your chest, start with the standard barbell bench. It allows you to handle the most weight through the range of motion. The more weight you can handle the better. You can modify it by inclining the bench, which will target the upper region of the chest. Also you can decline the bench to target the lower and outer regions of your chest. Obviously the standard bench is going to target both regions equally.

The next movement to add to your routine is standard dumbbell presses. This movement is highly effective, because it allows you to move through a more natural range of motion, which helps to avoid shoulder injury. Also since one arm can't cheat for the other, this exercise prevents muscle imbalances.

Finally the last exercise to build chest muscle fast is the wide grip dips. This often overlooked exercise is excellent for overall chest development. With this movement it is important to make sure your grip is wide and that you're leaning forward. You want to make sure the stress is on your pectorals and not your triceps. When performed correctly, this movement will add serious mass to your chest.

There you have it and it's easy as pie. Basic pressing movements such as the bench press, wide grip dips, and dumbbell presses may be basic, but they are your bread and butter. If you stick to these three and concentrate on progressively overloading your muscles each set and each workout, you will see gains. What are you waiting for? Go lift something!

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