Bodyweight Push Up Variations

Bodyweight Push Up Variations For Strength Training!

The most recognizable body weight exercise is the standard pushup.
There is good reason why the push up is popular. It is a comprehensive, compound exercise that works the shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and forearms.


However, the work is not divided equally. For example, the traditional push up mostly emphasizes chest development, with secondary stress placed on the other muscles.

This is fine, but it is also limiting. That is why varying the arm positioning of the traditional push up is so important. It moves the emphasis to other muscles. This makes for a more balanced workout program and a more balanced body.

Pretty much everyone has seen the classic one armed push up, and the military clapping push up. While these push ups may be a little difficult, they provide many added benefits.

A one armed push up significantly builds strength in the engaged arm. While a clapping push up develops muscular, plyometric explosiveness. Again, these are the most well known push up variations.

There are several other variants that mainly center on slightly changing how a push up is performed.

For example, performing a traditional push up extremely slowly converts the push up into an extended isometric exercise. This greatly enhances muscular endurance along a complete range of motion.

This would not be achievable performing a traditional push up. Of course, this is one example of varying your push up routine. Here are a few more:

Wide Arm Push Ups. With traditional pushups, the arms are positioned directly under the shoulders. The wide armed variant involves outstretching the arms sideways as far as possible. Push ups performed in this manner place additional stress on the outer and upper pectorals. This greatly expands the potential for symmetrical pectoral muscle growth.

Diamond Push Ups. Diamond pushups are the opposite of wide arm push ups. They are performed bringing the hands inward and placing them directly under the sternum. (The diamond name derives from the diamond shape, the thumbs and index fingers form, when they converge).

The closeness of the hands in this push up, directs the stress to the triceps, making this an excellent exercise for those looking to enhance their tri development.

Inverted Arm Push Ups. OK, let the truth be told: these push ups are tough! Basically, they are performed with the fingers facing backwards.

Yes, these push ups are as tough to perform as they sound. However, they work wonders for developing forearm muscles which are among the most difficult muscles to develop. So, if you want to expand your forearm's size and strength, this exercise is well worth doing.

There literally dozens of push up variations. The ones detailed in here are among the most popular and most beneficial. That is why serious body weight trainers place so much emphasis on them.

Bodyweight exercises are the holy grail of effective and fast strength and fitness training.

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